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I am a very small occasional breeder based out of my home an hour north of Atlanta Georgia.  I’ve owned Boxers since 2006,  but fell in love with them years before while visiting family in Michigan.  I knew one day I would have to have such a wonderful dog become part of my family - and my life has not been the same since that wondrous occasion!  I shared a close bond with the dear people that helped make it a reality for me. Our joint love and excitement for our Boxers, as well as our desire to see the wonderful bloodline that runs through them flourish, helped guide my decision to breed these wonderful family companions.  I may have anywhere from 0-3 litters a year and because I might have more than 1 litter a year, I do have a license from the state to breed, and my home does get inspected to make sure it meets all the requirements expected of the larger breeders. 

My dogs are valued members of my family and bring us all much love and joy. They are raised as naturally as possible, eating a diet appropriate for the carnivores that they are, no chemical vet poisons/pesticides marketed as “preventative medicine” for fleas, ticks and heart-worm”, etc. Use of natural products have worked beautifully for those purposes and yearly blood work has come back clear  for many years.   They live and sleep in the house and have daily access to run and chase each other to their hearts content over two acres of fenced yard.  When a planned breeding takes place, I breed with the intent of breeding for  improvement, health, temperament and overall soundness of the Boxer Breed.   I strive not only for a wonderful companion animal but also towards conformation, so that you can take pride and pleasure in showing your dog if that is your desire.  While “show” quality is not guaranteed, all will be lovingly raised and socialized so they will make a wonderful family addition.  They are special, loving dogs that will give back ten fold what you are willing to put in to them.  You can’t have a “show, agility, etc...”  Boxer, if you don’t make the effort. However, if all you want is a loyal family companion, then the Boxer excels at that also.


breeding for all the qualities the boxer is loved for

"The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

-Mohandas K. Gandhi