Blus photo page
bath time for pup Blu
Beautiful pup Blu
pup Blu called him Cheeks
Blu and Alfie
Blu assessing the storm damage
Blu at Christmas
Blu checking out hole left by tree
Blu checking out the downed tree
Blu digging in stocking
Blu in kitchen
Blu in pond
Are you snorkling Blu
Blu is brave
Blu looing for more treats
Blu looing good
Blu loves Tilly
Blu loves to go places
Blu making sure all stocking empty
Blu Molly Tilly
Blu n Molly having fun
Blu needs proof its empty
Blu running
Blu takes whole lap
Blu the lap dog
Blu wants his stocking
Blus best frind Tilly
Blus head all the way in stocking
Blus treats from Santa
Blus xms stocking
Inspector Blu
Tilly Molly n Blu playing
Tilly n Blu
too cute pup Blu
wishful thinking Blu