Where ever there is music being made, there are bound to be groupies of some sort... here were some of mine.  French Fry was a wonderful pet, he passed at 19 years of age.  Oliver was a Dachshund mix shelter rescue - very loyal and loving. Sully came to me at 2 yrs of age when her owner could no longer care for her. She just wants to love and be loved. She lacked courage and confidence, was afraid of anyone new entering the room she happened to be in. She has gained both back and is a true sweetheart that loves to give kisses.  Titan a rescue that broke into my backyard wearing a broken heavy thick chain, and when no one claimed him, he becaome a loved member of my family. He was just as sweet and loving as can be to everyone but Morph... because of this, he went to live with my daughter and would visit on the weekends so he could run free and play with all the others that did like him.

Titan passed in 2011 and is playing and waiting at Rainbows bridge with the others I’ve lost over the years.  While I was busy healing his soul he was busy filling mine - he is missed greatly.


French Fry
Ollie, Sadie and Titan after a game of tug
Titan and Honey
Titan loved Christmas
Handsome Titan
Trinity and Titan
Snuggle buddies Sadie Fry and Morph
Trin and Fry
Sadie never lost a game of tug.
Sadie and Ollie
Good luck Ollie!
Good friends
Sweet Honey
RARE Boxer
Found it! LOL