Fanny 2 wks old
Fanny and a puppy
Fanny asleep in my recliner
Fanny asleep w toy in mouth
Fanny catching frisbee
Fanny chasing disk
Fanny comfy in dog bed
Fanny cooling off in kiddie pool
Fanny digging
Fanny disk player
Fanny face shot
Fanny getting sat on
Fanny in chair holding frisbee
Fanny in my recliner
Fanny learning to swim
Fanny low catch
Fanny mid air frisbee catch
Fanny n Apollo
Fanny n Morpheus lick bean soup pot
Fanny n pup Apollo
Fanny n Ryan
Fanny n Trin play
Fanny n Trinity
Fanny nurses babies with toy in mouth
Fanny on dog bed
Fanny pup winks
Fanny under Christmas tree
Fanny waiting to play frisbee
Fanny with frisbee
Fanny with Sadie in snow
Fannys last photo
Fannys Stocking
pup Fanny streched out in crate
Sadie with her Fanny pup