Champ photo collage
pup Champ at Bruces
Champ lookin good
Apollo n Champ waiting at gate
Beautiful Champ
Best friends Champ n Shannon
Champ and Apollo
Champ and son Apollo
Champ Christmas stocking
Champ eating bamboo leaves
Champ enjoying christmas treats
Champ grey mug
Champ in Detroit
Champ in the evening
Champ laying in the grass
Champ laying on stuffed worm
Champ lounging on couch
Champ loves bamboo
Champ loves Christmas
Champ loves going outside
Champ n apollo on deck
Champ n Apollo waiting for Tom
Champ n Fanny
Champ n Shannon on bed
Champ on couch
Champ poses in Detroit
Champ profile
Champ ready to go outside
Champ ready to play
Champ running with Shannon
Champ standing profile
Champ stocking
Champ walking on leash
Champs beautiful colors
Champs grandfather
Champs happy face
Champs side view
Champs soft grey face
Champs sweet old face
Champs what ya want face
Chap on deck
close up of Champs handsome mug
goodlooking Champ
Handsome Champ
Champ in yard
young Champ
Champ is 12
Champ handspme grey face