Daughtry's Dark Knight

"Champ"and son

Knight Moves




OFFA certified on Heart, and Thyroid with hip x-rays on file and cleared by 2 different vets but never sent off to OFFA by his previous owner.

(His dad,  mom and sister Trinity, were also Heart and Thyroid Certified thru OFFA)   I had to say goodbye to this sweet boy in Sept.2019.  He was 12 years and 2 months old.  This was a hard death to accept as all systems were in excellent shape and his desire to live and eat were strong up to the end... - but he had an MLO of the skull bone which is so very rare and is thought that perhaps he got it from being exposed to the chemo and radiation treatments his original owner went through, as Champ was his snuggle buddy during that time. The bone grew and put pressure on his brain and eventually caused the loss of one eye and then started causing seizures from compression of the brain.  He is sorely missed every day. He left me a beautiful son who is very much  like him.


I’m a tender hearted lover boy and the best cuddle-r in the world! Part time bamboo inspector.


Trying to get the toys away from Shannon, going for walks with dad, and getting my turn to sleep with mom!


I like to keep my options open on this as I’m still taste testing... but I love chicken livers and raw bones for sure! I’m learning to like the fish oil mom makes me take...


Having my nub scratched...aaahhh...,

my feet tickled and going to Chick Fil A after the vets for a plain grilled  chicken breast -oh boy!






Champ - my handsome and ever so sweet and gentle black masked brindle male.  He loves to meet new people.

He brings an excellent pedigree with

CH Weston’s Cry for Freedom (Abe) as his grandfather from his mothers side. Abe became an ABC SOM early 2013. From there the Champions line keeps going. With 14 Champions in his 6 generation pedigree and they don’t stop there!  He is my Trinity’s FULL brother from a different litter. My Tilly, is Trinity’s daughter.

He brings in champions from his sire’s side also, grandfather Jericho,  whom brings champions ( 5 gen. back) such as Ch. Jhinjheir's Rolf, , and Ch Fiero's Tally-H0 Tailo (and their excellent lineage) as well as other notable names into a lineage that can and has been tracked back to Lustig,  Utz v Dom and beyond -  to the original imports.  All the pedigrees of my breeding crew,  share some of the most influential lines in Boxer history with several being SOM’s DOM’s and LOM’s. (Champ and Morph have the same father - Bruno, so info on Morphs page applies to Champ also).

Champ is a wonderful addition to my household and has much to offer my Symphony in the way of Temperament, looks and excellent pedigree.  He is a true joy to have and is unbelievably lovable- a trait he’s passed on to  his son Deaon as well.

aka Knight Moves